Why You Should Worship With Us

There are many reasons why you should worship with Pillar of Love Fellowship UCC.

Firstly, we are a faith community that believes in the power of the Holy Ghost/Spirit.  Each service may be slightly different because we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as opposed to being married to a script.  We try to nurture and include the gifts of all of our members in the worship experience.


We are very much “Old Time Religion” in many regards, following in the Pentecostal and Baptist traditions of our experiences.  Yet, we embrace and give reverence to forms of worship that are reflective of all the varied worship experiences of our congregants from other faith traditions i.e., Catholic, Methodist, Congregational etc.  We truly are radically inclusive and invite everyone to our “BaptiMethoPentaCathoProtoJewCostal” table!!!


We play keyboards, drums, tambourines, piano, guitar and are not afraid to cry, shout, speak in tongues, anoint with oil, and pray with the laying on of hands!!  And sometimes, we just quietly lift our hands or stand in quiet to receive the Holy Spirit.


You never know exactly how God will manifest via the Holy Spirit at Pillar of Love but one of the main reasons you should worship with us is because you absolutely, positively, without a doubt, can count on us greeting, receiving and treating you with Love!!


Giving/ How You Can Help:

We are currently seeking donations to help those in our community in need.



Pillar of Love

You are invited to come and share in the vision of a radically diverse and powerfully loving community of people of faith that nurtures and supports the gifts of LGBTQ people of faith and our heterosexual allies.



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